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miercuri, 1 aprilie 2015

Thoughts and dreams...

Have you ever dreamed of flying? Have you ever dreamed of having super powers?  Have you dreamed being part of the creation of the world? Or being a knight years and years ago...?
I have. I would love to have a time machine to go back in time or further in the future. Unfortunately tempus irreparabile fugit! ..or maybe not.

It is crazy how people today are still conservative! 
This is a new Era. We have so much information that you go nuts?! 

People make insane suits and jump from cliffs and they fly!! 

Long time ago we immersed into a virtual world that gave us freedom and creativity.
Science-fiction took shape into reality and it´s giving us endless opportunities.

I am "all in" when it is about being Here and Now but that doesn't mean we should reject technology. 

Paranoia and fear make us freeze. That is why addiction is everywhere - alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, gaming, sex... you name it! 
Addiction comes where there is no understanding... and we know well that everything in excess is opposed to nature.

It's really sad that kids learn how to fear... From their parents, from their schools, from everything and everyone that could help them becoming great minds and souls.

How many lives would be different if assorted points of view would be accepted?! If social skills, creativity and desire wouldn't be killed?! If information wouldn't be withheld?!

You can make the change. You can encourage your kids and your parents to be opened to new, to be creative and sociable and you can teach them how to explore new ideas and new worlds!

Now, today, genius minds are developing platforms that will make Sience Fiction possible.

This is 3D Virtual Reality - where you can travel anywhere in space and time, where you can enjoy your coffee in the morning with a friend that lives miles away (teleportation!) or have business meetings. Save time and be Eco-friendly by avoiding the traffic when you need to do something like getting medical advice, lessons from tutors or even shopping.  

As well, as user you are involved in creating this world by using the knowledge of these highly skilled people on a powerful, user-friendly platform. 
You develop your creativity and various other skills when you create your humanoid, house or business. 

Through a 3D Virtual World doors open, everything becomes possible. 
We can experience and learn cultures even if we cannot get the time or the money to visit other continents or countries.
Imagine feeling the German rigour, the Spanish "caliente" or the tribal rituals from your own house; not to mention getting the vibes and meeting people from various countries and cultures. 

Time is money and money "make the world go round". 
What if we can have a facilitated access to all above? 

Nowadays we try to have access to information and success, we try to be eco-friendly and change the world. This seems more possible now than ever.

Wake up! Embrace the Present and accept your Past and the Future! It is coming so dance with it!

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Ruxy thanks for this lovely blog post!!
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